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How Does Divorce Mediation Work in Texas?

Divorce mediation in Texas involves a neutral divorce mediator to help facilitate the process. The mediator handles the legal side of the proceeding and offers personal advice when needed. Since very complex issues will be discussed during the proceeding, there is a high likelihood that the parties involved may not always be civil. But a skilled mediator may be able to bridge that communication gap without siding with any party.

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You can expect the following from divorce mediation:

  • The content and process of mediation is confidential.

  • Typically, the process involves the mediator seeing the spouses in one or more sessions.

  • During these sessions, problems are identified, and the solutions are explored with the aim of achieving practical, workable arrangements.

  • These arrangements must be acceptable to both spouses and their children.

  • The mediator cannot impose a settlement on the spouses and cannot advise the spouses on the best option for their children or financial affairs.

  • All the decisions in the mediation must be reached by both parties.

What Are the Benefits of Divorce Mediation?

There are several benefits to divorce mediation, which include the following:

  • Cheaper than litigation because you spend less money on legal fees.

  • Reduces the delays that are involved in court proceedings.

  • You can divide up assets and create custody solutions in creative and unorthodox ways that work specifically for both you and the other party.

  • Allows the parties to anticipate and talk about and resolve any disputes that may arise.

  • There is less anxiety compared to when you go to court where you do not know what the judge may decide.

  • Helps both parties reach their own acceptable agreement by fully exploring all choices.

After a case is settled at mediation, the mediator will record everything that has been agreed on in writing. This document is a contract and if one of the parties breaches it, both parties must meet the mediator to resolve the dispute. The dispute may end up in court if the parties cannot agree. In Texas, the court usually expects divorcing couples to go through mediation before they come to court, even if the parties do not want to go through mediation.

Is Mediation Mandatory in a Texas Divorce?

The short answer is no. While judges often expect a divorcing couple to attend mediation, it is not mandatory in all divorces for a couple to do mediation. However, divorce mediation can be an effective way to settle your divorce, so do not hesitate to contact us for help with this process.

Your divorce does not have to involve disputes that are motivated by bitterness or revenge. A divorce process that is done in a mature and civil fashion is better, especially if there are children involved. This is why people choose divorce mediation, which is often more civil than litigated divorce. Remember mediation does not mean you have to like the other party. It is all about putting aside the emotions and handling the issues at hand head-on, to finalize the divorce as soon and as amicably as possible. It also helps you avoid going to the courts to finalize your divorce.

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