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From To-Do to Done: Estate Planning, COVID Edition

10:51 - April 9, 2020

We know—talk of your (eventual) demise isn’t fun. It’s scary/boring/exhausting/anxiety-producing—fill in the blank. But listen, with everything going on, “getting your affairs in order" is something you need to deal with right away. If you do nothing else, you need these three documents:
1) Medical Power of Attorney,
2) Statutory Durable Power of Attorney,
3) Simple Will.
Join Attorney Hannah Hembree Bell as she walks through what each of these documents is and why you need take this from to-do to done asap.

QuaranCOFFEE Hannah Hembree Bell + Real Estate Muses

17:32 - April 7, 2020

Join Attorney Hannah Bell for a conversation with the phenomenal Melissa Wiggans with Real Estate Muses about all things family law and estate planning in light of the Corona-craziness. We love doing absolutely anything that involves Melissa and her rock star team!

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