Kyle Kaplan

Kyle Kaplan

Client Services Manager


Kyle Kaplan joined the Hembree Bell Law Firm as the client services manager in February 2022. His background is in tech, e-commerce, and manufacturing, with emphasis on customer success, operations, and marketing within those industries. Kyle believes that a business’ success is directly tied to its client’s success, and in order for clients to be successful, they must be well informed.

Kyle’s primary role at the Hembree Bell Law Firm is to ensure that you and all our clients are fully informed about our firm and our processes, so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. Kyle also works continuously to improve our internal processes for efficiency, without sacrificing the value we deliver, to help us communicate and work on your case more effectively while keeping your legal costs down.

I was drawn to family law because I have my own personal experience with family legal issues. Having been through what a lot of our clients are going through myself, I knew that I could combine that experience with my skillset in customer success and marketing to help people understand what they’re going through, identify and learn about their goals, fears, and priorities, and help them understand how we can guide them through these unfamiliar waters so they can ultimately achieve the lives they want to make for themselves and their families. I see my role at the Hembree Bell Law Firm as, first and foremost, an advocate for our clients. I use that mindset to drive all my decisions.