Jessi Houghtby


Jessi Houghtby is an attorney at Hembree Bell Law Firm where she mainly focuses her practice on property and asset division divorce cases but has experience in all aspects of family law practice. Jessi uses her skills and expertise earned from litigating a wide variety of divorce and custody cases to assist clients in developing a separation plan that is right for them and their family. Jessi strives to be the attorney she would want on her side if she were in the same situation that she finds her clients. She is responsive, eager to answer questions (NO question is a dumb question in a divorce or custody case), educated about the law, and experienced in the courts in this area.

Jessi utilizes her creativity to assist in customizing divorce and custody agreements that may not be the norm but work for individuals and their families. Jessi believes that most people don’t belong in a courtroom having strangers determine what is best for their family. However, she understands that agreements and harmony are not always possible when tensions are high and lines have been crossed. When negotiations and attempts at agreement fail, Jessi relies on her knowledge of the law and courtroom experience to advocate for the best result for her client.

Jessi is a mom of two super special kids who are the light and focus of her life (and two fur babies and a lizard). In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, hiking, yoga, weightlifting, crafts with the kids, and anything in, on, around, or in any way related to the water. On the weekends, Jessi can be found painting rocks, making slime, sliding down slides at the waterpark, or gardening with her family. Jessi is from the Austin area, so she always is down to talk about a new hiking trail, swimming hole, festival, or kids’ activity that is in or around town.