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Determining what custody arrangement is best for your family in the midst or aftermath of a divorce is always one of the hardest parts of a split. Even if you and the other parent get along fairly well, which is not always the case, it’s easy for custody to feel like an uphill battle where nobody wins. Our compassionate and experienced San Antonio custody lawyers can help you re-frame custody as a journey that can lead to the kind of life you want you and your kids to live. We’ll serve as your guide every step of the way! Call today to schedule a free case evaluation with Hembree Bell Law and learn more. 

What Custody Looks Like In Texas

Texas expects and encourages both parents to be an active, involved part of children’s lives following a divorce. 

In our state, custody is actually legally called “conservatorship”. Parents are often named “joint managing conservators”, meaning that they both will share – as equally as possible – the authority and responsibilities for parenting (including making decisions about the children’s education, religious upbringing, medical care, extracurricular activities, etc.). In some cases, one parent will be named the managing conservator and have more authority over these decisions. 

However, it is difficult to split time with the children as equally as possible, especially when parents don’t live right next to each other and the children are in school. In many cases, one parent will be named the “custodial” parent and given primary residential rights, meaning the kids will live with them most of the time. The other parent (the non-custodial parent) will be given visitation rights. 

Why Custody Can Be So Difficult

Obviously, the thought of any change in your relationship with your kids can be highly emotional and distressing. You may be feeling fear, sadness, anger, loneliness, panic…It can be hard to think clearly and make wise choices about custody when you are so stressed out. That’s why it is in your best interests to work with San Antonio custody lawyers you trust who can offer sound legal counsel! At our firm, we’ll be able to give you honest, practical advice that will result in the best possible outcome. 

We will do everything in our power to foster healthy, effective cooperation between you and the other parent because we know that may ultimately be easier and more affordable! If you can keep your custody case out of court – either by working out a parenting plan, or through mediation – then you will have more control over the terms of the custody agreement, and there will be less fighting that you and your children have to endure. However, sometimes agreeing just isn’t possible, or there are safety concerns. We aren’t afraid to fight hard but smart for you, your kids, your money, and your future! 

Why Choose Our San Antonio Custody Lawyers?

In a big city like San Antonio, there are many custody law firms you could work with, but Hembree Bell Law stands out for many reasons. 

For one thing, we have personal as well as professional experience. Our firm’s founder, Hannah Hembree, navigated a custody battle herself in the past, and knows what you are going through – she can relate to you. 

All of our staff is friendly, down-to-earth, and genuinely cares about how your case unfolds; we’re, dare we say, fun to work with, and because we communicate with you constantly, you’ll never be in the dark or feel alone at any point. 

We assign certain parts of your case to our talented paralegals in order to cut down on hourly billing rates, and we treat you and your children with the devoted, personalized attention you deserve. We know that every family and every situation is unique! Our San Antonio custody lawyers will also form a long term-relationship with you so that even after the agreement is “finalized”, you can rely on us for resources, support, and information you need to build the next stage of your lives. 

Call today to book your free case evaluation and get to know us. We can explain your options and next steps!