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Killeen is the home of Fort Cavazos (formerly known as Fort Hood), the United States Army’s premier installation to train and deploy heavy forces. The families who call Killeen home, both military and civilian, deserve a compassionate and skilled family law firm to advocate for them in the midst of their challenging legal issues. Hembree Bell Law Firm is a team of professionals who help their clients achieve the vision they have for their life and take back control of their future!

Whether you are going through divorce, a custody or paternity matter, need modifications to existing agreements, or something else, you can rely on us to not only guide you through it as intelligently and gracefully as possible, but continue to support you afterwards by providing the connections, information, and resources you need to build the life you desire! We also assist individuals needing to create a comprehensive estate plan or help navigating the complex Texas probate process. Call today to schedule a free case evaluation and learn more about how we can serve you!


Divorce, Family Law &
Estate Planning Cases

A Different Approach To Family Law

Are You & Your Family Facing Some Tough Decisions?

You have a clear picture of what you want your life to look like, but there’s a barrier that seems nearly impossible to overcome. Going through a divorce or trying to protect your kids in a custody dispute can feel like being stuck in quicksand or lost in the woods. The deeper you get into the process, the more lost and stuck you feel.

If you had the freedom to build the life you want, what would your days and evenings look like? Who would you spend your time with? How well would you sleep knowing that your kids are happy? How would you feel being in control of your future? It’s time to hold onto this vision tightly. You’re going to have to fight for it, and we’re here to help. Here’s the truth: it’s not selfish to want a beautiful life, and you need to trust your inner voice. Your life is worth fighting for.

We need to understand your vision clearly so we know how to advise you and what actions to take on your behalf to help you accomplish your long-term aspirations. At Hembree Bell Law, the approach we take is to learn about your goals and then build a relationship with you and be there for you throughout your life when you need us. We’re not just a firm that you use one time to solve one problem. We want to have the kind of relationship with you that you come to us first when you need something one or ten years from now. After we wrap up your immediate legal issues as intelligently and as gracefully as possible, we’ll continue to support you by providing connections, information, and resources so you can build the life you desire – the life that makes you proud.

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Is Hembree Bell The Right Firm For My Divorce
Or Family Related Matter

Is Hembree Bell The Right Firm For My Divorce Or Family Related Matter?

We believe that effective legal representation is achieved when a highly devoted and compassionate team of legal professionals provide the individual attention and personal commitment to the distinctive needs of every client and case. With offices in Austin and San Antonio, our team focuses on the individual needs of clients all over the state of Texas. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We treat people and cases like the unique individuals they are.

We fight hard but smart to protect your kids, your money, and your business.

What Our Clients Say About Us

At Hembree Bell Law Firm, we focus on family & estate matters
so you can focus on what matters to you.

I hired Hannah to consult on my custody modification case in which I represented myself and my son. Hannah was extremely knowledgeable about court proceedings and how to approach the trial. She was constantly available and very responsive. She was even available at all times during hearings and during the trial. Her advice on how to handle a difficult attorney on the other side and my ex was brilliant. I find Hannah to be very personable and honest. With Hannah’s help I was able to win. I am extremely thankful for her guidance through a very difficult time. I would recommend Hannah to anyone who is looking for an excellent attorney! Forever Grateful!

Danny, Avvo - Client Reviewed

You simply cannot go wrong with this law firm! Ms. Bell is a compassionate and charismatic attorney who truly cares about the quality of service she provides for her clients based on her own first-hand experience. She is incredibly knowledgeable and will fight for you from start to finish!

Katelyn Hoelscher, Google - Client Reviewed

Hannah are her entire team are amazing! They are very attentive and were always so thorough and helpful with any questions/concerns I had. She is literally the best attorney I have ever came across. She was always so honest and gave the best advice!! Thank you so much Hannah and Team! Yall ROCK!!!

Jordan Arzola, Google - Client Reviewed

Hannah Bell is very personable. She cares about your problems and speaks with you like you’re a real person. I highly recommend her and her law firm.

Araseli Garza, Google - Client Reviewed

Hannah was incredibly professional, a bulldog when needed and kept our main goals in focus at all times. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for representation that will keep you focused, optimize your costs and seek out the most beneficial and fair outcome as possible. If only all attorneys were as amazing as her, the world would be a better place!! Truly!!

Leah Livingston, Google - Client Reviewed

Ms. Hannah is such an amazing attorney. She’s honest, reliable, and knows Family Law through and through. If you’re a client, you will be very well taken care of. I wish more attorneys were like her. She’s such a credit to the legal profession.

Sarah Berlanga, Google - Client Reviewed

Hannah is one of the best lawyers I have ever encountered, not only knowledgeable but is extremely compassionate and hard working. Her determination to help and fight for your cause is so motivating and comforting that someone is actually on your side to help not to just go thru the motions to close another case. If you need a rockstar to be in your corner she is the woman I would hire ten times over again.

Megan Gonzales, Google - Client Reviewed

Honest, trustworthy and straight forward. In unvarnished truth she will tell you exactly where you stand and what direction you should go. She has tenacity coupled with a degree of tenderness, … never losing site of the end goal, … which is to protect, defend and have the best outcome for her client. I would highly recommend Hannah to anyone seeking legal representation that is fair, honest, and will keep your best interest and unique needs at the forefront. Absolutely brilliant attorney.

C. Stephens, Google - Client Reviewed

We’ve Been There

Our founder, Hannah Hembree Bell, knows divorce and custody. She fought her way out of the woods during her own divorce, and in doing so created a firm that doesn’t just remove the barriers, but guides you down the path you need to live your fullest life.

We’d love to find out about your vision for your life, and then help you achieve it. Schedule a call with us today.

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What It’s Like To Work With Hembree Bell Law

What It’s Like To Work With Hembree Bell Law

Would you like to hire a family law firm that you enjoy working with? That part often goes overlooked, but we think it’s really important. When you feel like you and your legal team can communicate effortlessly, it makes the whole legal process so much easier. Dare we say, it may even be enjoyable at times.

Each member of our team is passionate, careful, and all share one goal: making your life better. They’re also great people. We hold weekly meetings to discuss all our cases, so every team member can stay up to date on what is needed on each case and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

At Hembree Bell Law, we work cases as a team. We have several amazing attorneys, plus the best paralegals in the business. As we work on your case, we assign the best qualified but most cost effective person to each task needed to move your case forward. You’ll be working with our paralegals often, which is great for you because they have much lower billing rates than attorneys.

Anytime there is an update to share, you’ll be the first to know. You’ll also find that we’re incredibly easy to reach when you have questions.


Awards, ratings & accolades

The acknowledgments our Texas family law & estate law attorneys have earned are for the work we’ve done for over 500+ clients. The top legal organizations throughout Texas love us, our clients love us and we love you right back!


Practical advice & guidance without the “Legal-Speak”. All for free!

Attorney Bell offers more than just legal advocacy – she provides practical advice gained from her own divorce and custody drama, blending advocacy, empathy, and coaching with a client-focused approach.


Practical advice & guidance without the “Legal-Speak”. All for free!

Attorney Bell offers more than just legal advocacy – she provides practical advice gained from her own divorce and custody drama, blending advocacy, empathy, and coaching with a client-focused approach.

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