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When you’ve lost a loved one, you often feel confusion and frustration in addition to your grief. Let Hembree Bell Law Firm alleviate your confusion and frustration by helping you navigate the probate process. Whether your loved one died with or without a Will, you need experienced legal counsel on your side.

One of the main purposes of probate is to transfer title of the assets that your departed loved one left behind to those individuals he or she intended to inherit them. Our experienced and empathetic team will help you determine the most efficient and thorough process that best suits your unique needs and circumstances and those of your departed loved one.

You can trust Hembree Bell Law Firm to assist you in administering a probate or trust estate thus enabling you to honor the wishes of your deceased loved one.

At Hembree Bell Law Firm, we are committed to protecting your interests. To consult with an experienced attorney, contact our office at (737) 265-7656.

What Can You Expect from the Probate Process?


  • A decedent’s Will is interpreted by your attorney to determine the best course of action.

  • An application for probate is filed with the appropriate court.

  • A court hearing is scheduled to admit the Will to probate and appoint an executor.

  • Letters Testamentary are issued.

  • The executor gathers estate’s assets which are inventoried; and appraised if necessary.

  • Creditor claims are presented, and valid claims are paid by the executor from assets in the estate.

  • All relevant tax filings are made.

  • Distribution is made of remaining estate assets according to the dictates of the Will.

The above is an over-simplification of the probate process and Hembree Bell Law Firm cannot guaranty your case will proceed as indicated above. Each probate case is unique and our experienced probate team here at Hembree Bell Law Firm will determine the best and most effective process for probating the estate of your loved one.

No matter how seemingly simple or complicated your probate case, our probate team is prepared to provide knowledgeable legal representation on your behalf. We are proud to provide dedicated legal representation to clients across Travis, Williamson, and Bexar Counties.

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