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One of the most fulfilling roles a man can have in his lifetime is that of being a father to his children. Unfortunately, not every man is afforded rights to their children without legal intervention, which isn’t fair or right. Likewise, we know how unfair it is to mothers when their child’s father refuses to uphold their share of responsibilities to their children. No matter which situation you find yourself in, our Killeen paternity lawyers are prepared to step in and help you navigate the legal system effectively.

Statistics prove that children who have both of their parents involved in their lives grow up to be more emotionally stable, perform better academically, and develop stronger relationship and social skills. Hembree Bell Law Firm is dedicated to representing clients in all manner of paternity suits, whether you are a father seeking rights to your child, a mother seeking financial support, or a man implicated in a paternity suit for a child you do not believe to be biologically yours.

We guide you through the proper legal channels, obtain paternity testing, and will advocate for you in court, if the situation calls for it. Call today to book a free initial case evaluation and learn more about your options.

Killeen Paternity Lawyers

How Is Paternity Established In Texas?

If paternity cannot be established voluntarily through an Acknowledgement of Paternity form (AOP), then it must be done by a court order. Filing a paternity suit in family court with the assistance of our Killeen paternity lawyers is the first step toward obtaining the court order. A judge will likely issue an order for DNA testing to be conducted, though it’s also possible that witness testimony, medical records, and circumstantial evidence may be called into question. Then, the court will weigh the evidence and issue a determination regarding paternity of the child in question.

If you are a mother establishing paternity for child support purposes, or a father seeking to establish or disestablish paternity for a variety of reasons, our team will be happy to guide you through your next steps and connect you with resources that could be helpful to your situation. We are committed to not only resolving your immediate legal needs, but building a relationship that brings you back to our firm in the future if the need ever arises.

How Can I Gain Rights And Responsibilities To My Child?

If you are ultimately named as the child’s father, our Killeen paternity lawyers can then help you petition the court for a parenting plan that outlines custody, visitation, and other parental rights and responsibilities. The play typically addresses issues such as the child’s primary residence, visitation schedules, decision-making authority, and child support obligations.

You have a right to be involved in your child’s upbringing – that means having a say in the major decisions which affect their life, like where they go to school, their medical care, their religious practices, and more. However, with those rights come responsibilities, financial and otherwise. You will be expected to share the cost of the child’s expenses, including their food, shelter, clothing, and other necessities. Being a parent is a significant undertaking, so this is a decision you should consider carefully.

How Can I Dispute Paternity Allegations?

If you find yourself implicated in a paternity case for a child you do not believe to have fathered, we can help you dispute these allegations effectively. It isn’t fair for you to be forced to pay child support or invest your time and emotions into a child that is not biologically related to you. Cases like these are often sensitive and intense, but you can trust our qualified Killeen paternity lawyers to advocate for your interests and bring the truth to light.

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