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This likely won’t come as a surprise to you, but the cost of living right now – even here in the great state of Texas – is exorbitant. Even though we typically enjoy a low cost of living, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texans are among Americans who are being most impacted by inflation.

Basic necessities like housing, food, and childcare alone are enough to leave a family struggling to make it to their next paycheck. When you are going through a divorce and are soon going to become a single parent, have a co-parent who doesn’t pay child support, or one that doesn’t pay the agreed upon amount, this financial stress can all be exacerbated, and even have you sacrificing your own needs for that of your children. This isn’t fair, and the law is clear; BOTH parents have a financial responsibility to their children.

At Hembree Bell Law Firm, our dedicated Killeen child support lawyers are ready to step in and help implement a strategic solution before the situation spirals out of control. You don’t have to spend another week barely scraping pennies together as you wait for payday! Call today to schedule a free case evaluation with a member of our team and learn more about how we can help you navigate the complex realm of child support.

Killeen Child Support Lawyers

How Is Child Support Calculated In Texas?

When calculating child support, the court examines your net resources, which is determined by subtracting certain deductions like Social Security, federal income tax, and medical insurance premiums from your gross income. The expected child support payment is determined by multiplying your net resources by a percentage based on the number of children you have. For instance, it’s 20% for one child, increasing by 5% for each additional child. However, the net resources cap at $7,500.

The calculation methods for net resources vary depending on the circumstances, such as the obligor’s (the person paying child support) payment structure, whether hourly, salary, benefits, or commissions. Other factors pertaining to each parent’s financial situation, as well as the children, may also affect how the amount is calculated, such as:

  • Whether one parent has custody of another child
  • The needs and age of the child
  • Financial resources available for the support of the child
  • The debts assumed by both parents
  • Whether a child has special health or educational needs
  • Any benefits either parent receives from their employer
  • The amount deducted from wage or salary income or from any type of compensation for personal services of the parties

The best way to get the most accurate calculation of a potential child support payment is working closely with our seasoned Killeen child support lawyers, who have decades of experience in the Texas family court system.

How Can I Get My Co-Parent To Follow The Child-Support Agreement?

If your co-parent has fallen behind in payments or stopped supporting your children altogether, there are legal strategies our Killeen child support lawyers can utilize to enforce the established agreement or court order. Sometimes, all it takes is for them to know that you have hired legal representation. Other times, more severe legal action may be warranted, like filing a motion of contempt. If a judge agrees that they are not acting in good faith, they may enforce penalties like wage garnishment, fines, bank account levies, drivers license suspension, and more.

What If The Current Agreement Isn’t Meeting The Needs Of My Children Anymore?

Sometimes, it is possible to get child support agreements modified if they are no longer meeting the best interests of your children. In order for a judge to approve of the modifications, it would need to be proved that there was a significant change in circumstance, such as to one or both of the parents’ income or employment, healthcare or educational costs of the children, or other specific needs of the children.

Our skilled Killeen child support lawyers can help you take the first step toward achieving a modification by filing a petition with the court and presenting evidence supporting the need for modifying the current agreement. We always try to resolve these issues through alternative dispute methods like mediation or negotiation first, but are not scared to go to litigation, if necessary. The Hembree Bell team will leave it all on the floor as we advocate for the best interests of your kids.

Why Choose Our Experienced Killeen Child Support Lawyers?

It isn’t selfish or greedy to fight for financial equality when it comes to your kids – it’s about ensuring their well-being and securing their future. We understand the importance of fair child support arrangements, and we have the experience and insights to help you navigate the legal process effectively. Call today to book your free case evaluation and let us play a part in achieving the best possible outcome.