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It can be troubling for both mothers and fathers to face uncertainty when it comes to the matter of paternity, or the legal term for fatherhood. It can be made even more difficult when one party is not willing to cooperate in order to get the necessary answers. Our skilled Cedar Park paternity lawyers have helped countless parents on both sides of the issues navigate their paternity suit, and we can do the same for you.

Whether you are a mother seeking much-needed child support, a father looking to gain rights to your child, or a man who is unsure they are the biological father of a child, you can put your trust in the Hembree Bell team. Each of our staff are passionate, thorough, and attentive; you will always feel like a priority when you work with us. Call today to schedule your free initial case evaluation and discover how we can help you get the answers you need.

Cedar Park Paternity Lawyers

Establishing Paternity In Texas

Here in the Lonestar State, there are several ways that paternity of a child can be established. When a married woman gives birth, her husband is automatically granted paternity of the baby, and his name will be listed on the birth certificate. When an unmarried woman gives birth, no legal paternity is established at that time, but can be established later in one of the following ways:

Voluntary Paternity – when the mother and father agree on the paternity of the child in question, they can sign a document called Acknowledgement of Paternity in the hospital. The document can also be signed later and mailed to the Vital Statistics Unit in Austin, Texas.

Involuntary Paternity – when the man, woman, or both parties disagree on the paternity, a paternity suit must be filed through the court, and a DNA test is usually ordered by the judge to determine whether the man in question is the biological father. Our experienced Cedar Park paternity lawyers will handle the court filing on your behalf and guide you through your next steps.

Importance Of Establishing Paternity

Studies show that a child who grows up with both parents playing an active role in their life has a much higher chance of turning into a successful adult. So establishing paternity as early on in their life as possible is critical! Moreover, fathers deserve to be able to exercise their parental rights and be involved in making the important decisions that affect their child’s upbringing. Many men experience an immense satisfaction at performing their duties as a father, leading to a more fulfilling life overall.

On the other hand, many women seek to establish paternity so that they can share the responsibilities and financial burdens of parenthood. However, it’s understandable why a man who does not believe himself to be the father of a child would not want to be held accountable for a child that is not biologically theirs. No matter which scenario you identify with, our Cedar Park paternity lawyers can help direct your sails through the legal system.

Why Choose Our Cedar Park Paternity Lawyers

We know how much of a relief it can be for all parties involved to determine the true identity of a child’s biological father. When you work with a legal team that cares about your goals and perspective, the process is made so much easier. The Hembree Bell team stands apart from other family law firms. Why? Because we treat you and your family how you deserve to be treated – like real people, with real problems.

We take the time to form a genuine relationship with you that lasts beyond solving your immediate legal needs. We connect our clients with the resources and channels of support that can help them achieve the unique vision they have for their future, even after your case is wrapped up. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation and discover how working with our compassionate Cedar Park modification lawyers can make a difference for you and your family.