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When a divorce or paternity suit is finalized, the court issues orders regarding alimony, child support, custody, and timesharing. At the time those judgements are made, they are designed to be lasting. But what happens if the needs and circumstances of the parties change later on down the road? Those court orders are able to be modified when the right conditions are present, but it requires the approval of a judge.

Our Cedar Park modification lawyers are seasoned in guiding clients through the proper steps of modifying current agreements. We can give you an honest assessment of the likelihood of a judge approving your modifications, and if so, provide an exceptional level of representation on your journey. Call Hembree Bell Law Firm today to schedule your free case evaluation with a member of our team and learn more!

Texas Child Support And Spousal Maintenance Modifications

There are two ways a child support order can be modified: through an in-office negotiation known as the Child Support Review Process (CSRP), or through a court hearing. If there has been a “material and substantial” change in circumstance, particularly to one or both parties’ finances, it may be possible to get your current child support agreements modified. Unfortunately, Texas law does not explicitly describe what a material and substantial change in circumstance equates to, but any one of the following scenarios will likely meet the legal standard:

  • The paying parent’s income has increased or decreased
  • The paying parent is responsible for a new child
  • The child’s medical insurance coverage or medical needs have changed
  • A change in custody
  • A change in the child’s living situation, or
  • The paying parent becomes incarcerated.

It may also be possible to modify the child support agreement in some instances if it is older than 3 years. Our skilled Cedar Park modification lawyers will be able to review your unique situation and determine the best course of action.

Similarly, one must also prove that there has been a material and substantial change in circumstance in order to get their spousal maintenance agreements modified, which may include changes in employment, health, income, or a change in the relationship status of the receiving party. The process is initiated when one party files a petition with the court and then provides evidence showing that the current agreement is no longer suitable.

Modifications Of Custody And Visitation Arrangements

It is also possible to seek modifications to your existing custody and/or visitation arrangements if there is evidence that your children have been in a dangerous or threatening environment while with their other parent. Our aggressive Cedar Park modification lawyers will strategically fight for those changes on your behalf and help ensure your children’s safety. Some behaviors that may warrant modification are:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug use
  • Criminal acts
  • CPS involvement
  • Instances of neglect or abuse
  • Abuse of prescribed medications

Why Choose Our Cedar Park Modification Lawyers

We know how much relief a child support, custody, visitation, spousal maintenance, or other modification can bring to everyone involved. When you work with a legal team that cares about your goals and perspective, the process is made so much easier. The Hembree Bell team stands apart from other family law firms. Why? Because we treat you and your family how you deserve to be treated – like real people, with real problems.

We take the time to form a lasting relationship with you that lasts beyond solving your immediate legal needs. We connect our clients with the resources and channels of support that can help them achieve the unique vision they have for their future, even after your case is wrapped up. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation and discover how working with our compassionate Cedar Park modification lawyers can make a difference for you and your family.