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Divorce can be emotionally, financially, and logistically difficult for everyone involved, but men often face an especially difficult journey through the various challenges that the end of their marriage can present. Unfortunately, the family courts have not always been fair to men, and we are still fighting that bias today; far too many husbands have been served an inequitable deal, and far too many fathers have had precious time with their children diminished. So, if you’re a man feeling anxious or uncertain about what your post-divorce future holds, you’re not alone.

Our skilled Cedar Park men’s divorce lawyers are actively working to combat the gender inequity in the family courts everyday through our service to clients. We take the time to get to know you, your family, and the unique vision you have for your life, so we can align our legal strategies to your goals. Our team has decades of collective experience and a comprehensive working knowledge of the ever-changing Texas state laws and statutes. When you choose Hembree Bell, you choose attorneys who are passionate about helping real families solve their real problems. Call today to schedule your free initial case evaluation and learn more about how we can give your divorce the personalized attention it deserves.

Cedar Park Men’s Divorce Lawyers

What Options Do I Have For Ending My Marriage?

Not every divorce has to be a knock-down, drag-out situation! In fact, alternative dispute methods like mediation and collaboration are becoming more popular for men with every passing year. Both of these methods allow you and your spouse to stay out of court, save money, save time, and protect your peace!

In mediation, a neutral third-party mediator helps a couple engage in constructive conversations regarding how they will divide their assets, how they will share custody, whether child support or spousal maintenance will be a factor, and other aspects of their divorce agreements. This allows the couple to engage in open communication and craft creative solutions to their problems.

Similarly, collaborative divorce offers many of the same benefits, but prioritizes negotiation. Each spouse is still represented by their own legal counsel, as opposed to mediation in which the mediator does not offer legal guidance or advice.

These methods are not an option for every couple, though. If you and your spouse are deep in conflict, have trust issues, or especially if there is a history of domestic violence or abuse (which, contrary to popular opinion, men can be victims of!), you will likely have to resort to traditional litigation. Our strategic Cedar Park men’s divorce lawyers are effective litigators and will advocate for your best interests in court if this is the case. You can feel confident that we will put you in the best position for achieving the outcome you desire!

Why Choose A Men’s Divorce Attorney?

Regrettably, men often face outdated gender stereotypes within the family court system. In divorce proceedings, men may unjustly be portrayed as greedy or overly career-focused. Additionally, in custody and child support cases, there has been a historical tendency to perceive men as less important to their children’s upbringing and less involved in their lives.

Despite progress in both the legal system and societal attitudes, many men and fathers continue to suffer from these antiquated perspectives.

Contemporary scientific research unequivocally demonstrates that children benefit significantly when both parents are actively engaged in their upbringing, leading to greater emotional stability and behavioral well-being. This is why our Cedar Park men’s divorce attorneys are devoted to defending the male point of view in family court.

How Can Cedar Park Men’s Divorce Lawyers Help Protect My Interests?

With so many questions on your mind and concerns about what the future holds, it may be more likely that your emotional side begins to take over, as opposed to your rational side. If that happens, you can trust our team to keep you rooted in your goals and help you make the pragmatic decisions you need to in order to accomplish them. Clients we’ve served in the past can attest to our thorough and consistent communication, so you’ll never be left in the dark when it comes to the progress of your case. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation and discover more about the Hembree Bell team!