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When legal challenges arise within your family, it can be hard to admit that things have hit a rough patch. Your first thought may be that you can handle things on your own, and that may even work out for a while. But at some point, you’ll likely realize that your circumstances – whether you are facing divorce, a custody or child support matter, paternity determination, or other issue – are far too complicated to face alone, and doing so may bring about a poor outcome.

When your future is at stake, having experienced and compassionate representation to guide you through your journey is paramount, which is why Hembree Bell Law Firm is the right team for you. We know you have a vision for your life and we can help you fight for it with strategy and a plan of action tailored to your unique goals. Call today to schedule your free, no obligation case evaluation with our dedicated Cedar Park family law attorneys and learn more about how our team can give you an advantage!

Cedar Park Family Law Attorneys

Our Skilled Cedar Park Family Law Attorneys Can Help You Navigate…

Divorce – At Hembree Bell, we lead you through the ending of your marriage gracefully and effectively. We first ensure that you have a solid understanding of your legal options, then get to know you and your objectives. Whether you choose to go the mediation, collaboration, or litigation route, you can count on us to be your voracious advocates in any setting.

Custody and Visitation – Matters pertaining to your kids are often the most emotional and have the most potential to breed conflict. Our compassionate Cedar Park family law attorneys know how precious your relationship with your children is, and the custody and visitation arrangements you agree on will have the most impact on how it is able to develop. We will keep their best interests the priority as we craft the parenting plan that meets your needs.

Child and Spousal Support – Child and spousal support may be a part of your divorce resolution. We fight for fair amounts, whether you are on the paying or receiving end.

Paternity – Both mothers and fathers seeking to establish paternity may face a number of obstacles, but our knowledgeable Cedar Park family law attorneys know how crucial this can be for securing financial support and gaining parental rights and responsibilities. We are committed to resolving these disputes quickly and effectively.

Modifications – If current child support, spousal support, custody or visitation agreements need to be modified due to major life changes, you can depend on our team to guide you through the legal process of post-divorce modifications and protect your best interests.

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We Know How You’re Feeling, Because We’ve Been There.

If this legal matter seems like the barrier that is keeping you from living the life you want, you’re not alone; our lead attorney, Hannah Hembree Bell was once in your shoes. In her own divorce and custody matter, she felt that the legal representation that was supposed to support and advocate for her fell short on their promises, so she founded the firm to be the kind of attorney she’d wished she had.

In assembling her team of passionate Cedar Park family law attorneys who share her dedication, she has built a reputation for exceptional and effective legal service. While we will resolve your legal issues intelligently and swiftly, we also look forward to building a relationship with our clients that goes beyond that and offers continuous support by connecting you to information and resources that get you closer to the life you want to lead.

Call today to learn more about how you can secure personalized and attentive legal representation, no matter how complex you believe your case to be. We offer free, no-obligation case evaluations where we can get to know you and your situation, then discuss your options moving forward. Today is the day you take a step toward the future you deserve!