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Facing a child support issue can be an emotionally charged and financially taxing experience. If you are a parent seeking support, your anxiety levels may be at an all-time high as you stress over how you will adequately provide for your child’s needs. If you are the parent responsible for paying child support, monetary constraints may leave you struggling to adjust to a new financial reality post-divorce.

No matter which side of the issue you find yourself on, you can rely on the dedicated Cedar Park child support lawyers at Hembree Bell Law Firm to help you understand your legal options and lead you to a favorable resolution. We navigate clients through establishing, modifying and enforcing child support orders in Texas with an understanding of how sensitive these matters can be for parents, so you can trust us to handle your case with grace. Call today to schedule your free, no-obligation case evaluation and discover more about how our team can serve you and your family!

Cedar Park Child Support Lawyers

How Can Cedar Park Child Support Lawyers Help Me?

There are many circumstances which may warrant a need for a legal representation to resolve a child support matter, including:

  • When you are calculating the amount of child support
  • When you are seeking temporary child support
  • When child support is established
  • When child support needs to be enforced
  • When prior child support orders are being modified
  • During attorney general hearings
  • When seeking child support for children with disabilities

How Does Child Support Work In Texas?

Child support is a payment made from one parent to another to fund their shared child’s basic expenses, including food, clothes, daycare, medical bills, school supplies, and more. When parents divorce or separate, they can determine and agree on the child support amount as part of their parenting plan.

If the parents cannot agree, however, a judge will step in to determine the amount based on the Texas child support guidelines. In most cases, this involves multiplying the net resources of the contributing parent by the percentage attributed to the number of children they share with the receiving parent.

Aside from the guidelines, a judge may also consider other factors in their decision, such as:

  • Whether one parent has custody of another child
  • The needs and age of the child
  • The financial resources that are available for the support of the child
  • The debt assumed by both parents
  • Whether the child has special healthcare or educational needs
  • Any benefits that the contributing parent receives from their employer or business entity
  • The amount deducted from wage or salary income or from any type of compensation for personal services of the parties

You can depend on our skilled Cedar Park child support lawyers to protect your interests and fight for a fair outcome.

Can Child Support Agreements Be Changed?

Child support agreements can be modified in cases of qualifying life events, such as:

  • A sudden and involuntary reduction in income
  • Increased income of the contributing parent
  • Change in parenting time
  • A change in the number of children being supported
  • A change in your child’s needs

Our experienced Cedar Park child support lawyers can guide you through the process of filing a formal modification request to the court, and be your staunch advocate as we fight for the adjustment you desire. However, it is important to understand that judges do not change amounts retroactively, so if you are in immediate need of increased support, you should contact our firm as soon as possible to begin the process.

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