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Experienced Family Law Attorney Who Fights Hard But Smart So Our Clients’ Marriages Can End Well – Austin, Texas
We are looking for an experienced divorce and family law attorney who has a passion for helping families navigate divorce and custody disputes. The ideal candidate knows their way around the courtroom, sure – they also understand that families benefit when they can craft property deals and parenting arrangements outside of the courtroom. The right candidate believes that educating and empowering clients to make smart, thoughtful, goal-focused decisions in divorce and custody litigation is both our privilege and our responsibility.We’re looking for an attorney who can hit the ground running to give our clients outstanding representation from initial strategy meeting to post-judgment client care. The right person’s skills in the courtroom and (mediation) conference room are coupled with empathy, practicality, and the ability to build meaningful relationships with clients.This position is not an entry-level job and requires experience handling highly contested divorce and family law matters.  You’ll need a Texas license and a minimum of 5 solid years in family law litigation. Salary is commensurate with skill and experience. We have all the employer bells and whistles – health, dental, vision, great PTO, a 401(k), incentive-based compensation plan, CLEs, AFLAC policies, tons of professional development – and more great benefits are added all the time.Our team at HBLF is comprised of top-notch professionals in each and every position – the sort you’d trust with your children, your money, or your business. We’ve diligently focused on nurturing the HBLF culture and protect it fiercely. You’ll love joining this team.

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  • We are looking for an experienced family law attorney who can contribute to developing the strategy of a case and who knows where to find the rules of procedure to back up that case strategy.
  • We need an attorney who knows their way around the courtroom and how to project confidence and competence on highly contested family law cases.
  • The right person will refer to themselves as a “dealmaker” when helping families craft creative solutions to their property and custody disputes outside of the courtroom.
  • Our ideal attorney knows the ins and outs of property division, custody mods, parenting plans, the TFC, and the TRCP.
  • The right person will be a pro and helping clients understand whether they really want to spend $500 to fight with the ex-factor over $50 worth of airline miles.
  • If the cynical, burned out, grumpy family lawyers you know get on your nerves, you’re probably our people.
  • If the concept “we do serious work but don’t take ourselves too seriously” resonates with you, you might be our next team member.
  • Litigation skills and experience will get you in the door with us – your personality, character, intelligence, integrity, and plays-nice-with-others attitude are what will get you the job.
  • High-maintenance, humorless, self-entitled, or self-important individuals “can’t sit with us”.
  • We’re a fast-growing firm – if change, opportunity, and forward momentum excite you, you’ll love it here.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience in taking ownership of a client’s contested family law case – discovery, pleadings, motions; collaboration and mediation; pretrial hearings, motion hearings, and trials
  • Texas law license (could be perfect for someone relocating back to Texas)
$110,000.00 and up, DOE – plus incentive-based compensation
About Hembree Bell Law

Hembree Bell Law, PLLC is a fast-growing firm with offices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We help our clients’ marriages end well. Our passion is helping families navigate divorce and custody disputes as smoothly and thoughtfully as possible. We do this with a team-oriented approach. Every person on the HBLF roster meaningfully contributes to protecting our clients’ kids, money, and businesses. We do serious work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We’re a group that loves what we do and who we do it alongside.The team at Hembree Bell Law embodies the following core values:

  • We exist to serve (our clients, our community, and each other).
  • We always do the right thing (integrity in every situation).
  • We level up (excellence in all things).
  • We win or lose as a team (teamwork makes our clients’ and our dreams work).

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