A divorce is a major, life-altering event that will impact your life in numerous ways. Depending on how contentious the situation is, the process can potentially drag on for several months or more, which will undoubtedly affect your work schedule. It may also take an emotional toll on you, making it difficult to maintain the level of productivity your employer is used to seeing from you.

Are you required to tell your boss about your divorce? The short answer is, no, you are not. However, given the ways in which this process may impact you, it is likely in your best interest to inform your immediate supervisor about your divorce. That said, when you have this discussion, there is no need to get confessional about it. We compiled some tips that will help you navigate this conversation.

Telling Your Boss About Your Divorce

Divorce is a touchy, emotional subject, but you should not divulge all the sad details about your circumstances to your supervisor or boss. When you inform your boss about your divorce, it is crucial to stay away from the emotional aspect of it as much as possible and focus more on how it may potentially impact your schedule or your ability to take on your usual workload. If you know of any upcoming court dates, this information would be helpful for your boss.

Try to leave out the details that do not relate to your ability to perform your job duties. Your boss does not need to know why you are getting divorced or any of the grievances you have against your spouse, so leave that out. Moreover, your divorce is not an excuse for slacking on the job. Although this is a difficult time, you must still do your best to perform your job duties, so try not to take advantage of the understanding and empathy your boss extends.

You should also ask about any paperwork that needs to be updated. Depending on where you work, you may or may not have a human resources department, which would be a question better suited for them. If you do not have a human resources department, however, ask your boss.

Lastly, be mindful of anyone else you choose to talk to about your divorce. If too many people know about it, they may ask you about the progress frequently, which can be distracting. The last thing you want is to think about your divorce while you are trying to be productive at work.

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