Not all spouses will play fair in a divorce. If you are concerned that your spouse may be guilty of one of the following so-called “dirty divorce tactics” it would behoove you to consult with an experienced divorce attorney immediately. Attempting to retaliate against your spouse will not do any good. Your lawyer will be familiar with such tactics and can help devise a strategy with you to protect you in the event your spouse continues with this behavior.

Here are some of the most common ways your spouse may try to get back at you during a divorce:

Your Spouse Tries To Embarrass You

A spouse who is dedicated to making sure news of your divorce is shared with everyone you know may do anything they can to embarrass you. That includes serving you divorce papers in an embarrassing and very public way. It might also look like sharing intimate details about your divorce with family members or sending out private, naked photographs you two shared while married.

Your Spouse Wastes Marital Assets

A spouse who wastes marital assets is one who decides right as you plan on getting divorced that getting a new car or going on multiple shopping sprees would be a good idea. Some additional examples of wasteful spending include:

  • Gambling.
  • Buying expensive gifts.
  • Booking a lavish vacation.
  • Getting elective surgeries.
  • Using marital funds to pay for renovations on separate property.
  • Your spouse hides assets from you.

Your spouse may attempt to hide assets from you to avoid needing to divide them with you in the divorce. They  may hide money in offshore accounts or move money into their family members’ or friends’ accounts. If you suspect your spouse is guilty of this behavior, your lawyer will work with you to create a plan to expose the hidden assets.

Your Spouse Attempts To Quit Their Job To Avoid Paying Spousal/Child Support

Some spouses do not feel an obligation to support their child after a divorce. If your spouse thinks that quitting their job will mean they will get out of paying child support, they are wrong. If you do not have a job, this does not necessarily mean you will not be required to pay child support. The same goes for spousal support as well.

Your Spouse Tries To Turn Your Child Against You

It is devastating when this happens. Your spouse may attempt to turn your child against you by withholding the child from you, taking the child, and moving their out of state, or coaching the child to lie to you.

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