Our very own Attorney Hannah Hembree was recently featured in Attorneys at Law Magazine, discussing her life, career, and the philosophy of our team here at Hembree Bell Law Firm.

Today, we’re taking a moment to spotlight Hannah and all the wonderful work she does for our firm and clients.

Attorneys Hannah Bell, Founder Of Hembree Bell Law Firm

Hannah is our firm’s founding attorney and focuses on family law, divorce, and estate planning cases.

Hannah is a client-centered attorney. In her interview with Attorneys at Law, Hannah states:

“You won’t find me talking over people’s heads or acting like I’m better because I have a law degree…We meet people where they are and try to break down the legal process in a way that’s understandable and approachable…If not me, who?”

That client-centered, people-driven ethos is at the center of Hembree Bell Law Firm. It’s also part of what drove Hannah to be a family lawyer, helping individuals in difficult family situations find justice and receive the care and compassion they deserve.

Hembree Bell Law Firm

At Hembree Bell Law Firm, our attorneys are committed to treating every case with equal importance. Hannah’s legal acumen and client-centered legal philosophy are our firm’s lynchpin, driving our other attorneys to adopt similar values.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hannah, her life, what made her decide to become a lawyer, and which case impacted her the most, check out her interview in Attorneys at Law Magazine.

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with our firm or want to learn more about our services, you can contact us online or reach out by giving us a call at (737) 265-7656.

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