Divorce is never easy, but there are some ways to simplify the process. Offering several advantages over long, drawn-out litigation, mediation is one of the most highly recommended approaches to divorce.Below are some of the top reasons why you should consider mediation for your divorce.

You’ll Save Money

By choosing mediation, you could save 40-60% on your divorce versus litigation. Mediator fees are generally lower than attorneys’ fees, which saves you money. Plus, the proceedings are far simpler, which ameliorates the process and reduces costs.

Far too often, divorcing couples engage in longwinded courtroom battles that leave them bankrupt and with a less-than-ideal settlement. By avoiding a trial and making the effort to cooperate and compromise, you can save a substantial amount of money.

You’ll Reduce Stress

Divorce is stressful enough – why stress yourself out more by taking the case to court? Divorce litigation involves frequent attorney meetings and seemingly countless court appearances that can get in the way of your job and your daily routine.

Mediators are trained to facilitate productive discussion and encourage compromise, so mediation sessions are far more casual and easygoing than court appearances. Many people who resolve their divorces through mediation report that the process is far less tense and much less stressful.

You Can Work Around Your Busy Schedule

When you take your case to the courtroom for a judge to decide, you’re working around the court system’s busy and often inconvenient schedule. Court dates will be assigned for you with little regard for your own schedule. When you choose mediation, you’ll be able to schedule sessions at a time most convenient for you and your spouse.

On top of that, mediation is usually much more efficient than litigation, so you’ll be able to finalize your divorce faster and get back to your normal routine. Divorce litigation can take several months or even years, while mediation usually lasts anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks on average.

You’ll Keep The Case Confidential

If your divorce is litigated, it will go through the public court system – which means all your dirty laundry will be aired and accessible to the public. Anyone attending court hearings will hear about personal details of your life and your marriage. If you value privacy, you should strongly consider mediation.

Mediation sessions are completely confidential. Your third-party mediator will handle all the paperwork and protect your privacy.

You’ll Maintain Control

When you take your divorce to court, you put the outcome of the case in the judge’s hands. The judge is a stranger to you who knows very little about the dynamics of your family. Rather than hand that power over to a family court judge, you can retain control and have a greater say in the outcome of your divorce by choosing mediation.

You’ll Prioritize Your Children

Mediation is particularly beneficial if you and your spouse have children together because it encourages the parents to work together and retain a civil if not amicable relationship. Moving forward, this positive relationship will benefit the children you co-parent together.

Mediation is generally a more peaceful process with fewer contentious disputes. It is in you and your child’s best interests to protect them from heated arguments and potentially hurtful emotions.

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