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When you were in the midst of your divorce, you likely made some decisions that you wish you’d made differently. That might have been because tensions were high, you were stressed, and you just wanted it all to be over, or because you had put your trust in legal representation that only wanted to get paid and didn’t care about you or your future. Regardless, if you’re unhappy with your current situation when it comes to spousal maintenance, child support, or your custody arrangement, it may be in your best interest to seek a modification. At Hembree Bell Law Firm, PLLC, we represent clients in a vast range of family law issues while providing careful attention to your goals and vision. Call our Austin modification lawyers to get a free case evaluation where we’ll give you honest, reliable feedback regarding your options for seeking a more satisfactory solution.

Spousal Maintenance Modifications

In Texas, alimony is referred to as spousal maintenance. Following some divorce settlements, one spouse may be ordered by the court to make payments to the other in order to maintain a reasonable standard of living. However, these orders are not set in stone, and can always be altered. The party seeking the modification must prove a material and substantial change in circumstance that calls for the change, such as a decrease in the income of the paying spouse, an increase in the income of the receiving spouse, or an increase in expenses for the receiving spouse.

In order to petition for the modification, you will have to file it with the court that initially granted the maintenance order. Our Austin modification lawyers will handle all of the paperwork and communication with the court, as well as help you gather the necessary documentation that proves the change in circumstance. We can also assist in requesting termination of payment if your former spouse has remarried or is living with a new romantic partner.

Child Support Modifications

Similarly, your child support order may be eligible to be modified if there was a material and substantial change in circumstance, or if the order is older than 3 years. There are two ways a child support order can be modified: through an in-office negotiation known as the Child Support Review Process (CSRP), or through a court hearing. Our attorneys will represent your interests in either process and present the evidence that supports warranting a modification.

Custody And Visitation Modifications

Finally, if your custody or visitation arrangements are causing you to miss out on important events in your child’s life, we will aggressively go to bat for you and defend your parental rights. Likewise, if you believe the environment your children are in while they are with their other parent is dangerous or threatening, we will fight for you to protect them. Some behaviors that may call for modifications include:

  • Alcoholism
  • Drug use
  • Criminal acts
  • CPS involvement
  • Instances of neglect or abuse
  • Abuse of prescribed medications

Our experienced Austin modification lawyers will file the petition for you, submit relevant evidence to the court, and vigorously advocate for you in the event that the petition is contested. It is the ultimate priority of our firm to preserve parents’ rights and safeguard your peace of mind when it comes to the protection of your children.

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Don’t let another day go by in which you’re stuck in an unsatisfactory situation. You only have one life, and only get to see your kids grow up one time! Hembree Bell Law Firm, PLLC fights hard – but smart – to protect your kids, your money, and your future. Call our Austin modification lawyers today to schedule your free case evaluation and learn more about the process.