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Is your child’s other parent providing for them fairly? Do you feel like you are doing all of the heavy lifting financially? Raising a child is expensive these days, especially if you have several children. If you find yourself stressed over money problems – especially when it comes to providing for your children – child support payments may be the solution. At Hembree Bell Law Firm, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping parents who want their children to be safe and cared for. Even if you already have an established child support order, we can assist with modifications that may be necessary because of recent life changes. Call today to learn more about how our Austin child support lawyers work for families like yours to get the best outcome with the least amount of hassle. 

How Does Child Support Work?

Child support is a payment that one parent makes to the other to assist with the costs of raising their children, which again, isn’t cheap! Think about all the monthly expenses you have to pay to ensure your child is living a happy and safe childhood – their clothes, food, daycare, medical bills, school supplies, and extra curricular activities costs can add up fast! You might even be providing for their needs more than your own, and this isn’t fair – especially if your child’s other parent is only helping with the bare minimum or isn’t helping at all.

Child support payments can either be agreed upon between the parents or ordered by a judge. No matter which situation you find yourself in, our Austin child support lawyers are ready to step in and remedy the issue. You don’t deserve to bear every penny of the cost of raising your children when they have two parents who should be providing for them equally!

What If I Already Receive Child Support, But I Think I Deserve More?

If you are already receiving regular child support payments from your child’s other parent but certain circumstances lead you to believe that the amount you are receiving isn’t equitable, you could request that your established order be modified. In order for this to be granted by the court, you will need to prove that there has been a “change in circumstance” to either you or your child’s other parent. Some common changes in circumstance include:

  • Sudden and involuntary reduction in income
  • Increased income of the other parent
  • Change in parenting time
  • A change in the number of children being supported
  • A change in your child’s needs

It’s important to note that modifications will only take effect if you, the parent, file the formal modification request – judges do not change amounts retroactively. If you’re in need of increased support urgently, you must begin the process as soon as possible. Our firm will work swiftly to get you the results you need to keep being the awesome parent you are!

Our Austin Child Support Lawyers Know Where You’re Coming From.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to ensure that your child’s other parent is supporting them just as much as you are. Raising children in the modern age is not for the faint of heart, but it can become especially tough after a divorce or other legal issue impacted your finances. We are a team that is devoted to listening to your concerns and keeping the needs of you and your children at the center of our work. You can feel confident that you have the support of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys who want to guide you to a better life for your family. Call today to schedule your free case evaluation!